I live for photography, music, over eating and having a good time. I fell in love with photography when my daughter was born and then of course fell in love with her! Funny thing is I bought my first camera right before Tess was born and took a million pictures of her a day, after a while people asked if I would take photos of their children. I couldn't understand why they would want me to. I mean I was just a dad with a camera. Thankfully I agreed and since then it has grown into my passion. In addition to doing family shoots, I fancy food sessions and anything in an urban setting and nature as well. This was another case of me doing it for fun and someone asking me if I sold prints. Again I was slightly taken back but chose wisely and began to sell whatever I could.

Within the last few years my passion has grown at an alarming rate and I really appreciate the honor given to me when asked to capture anything a customer requests. They are entrusting me to preserve moments in their life that are intimate, fun and special. While it is somewhat daunting I love it and look forward to meeting new people and doing the best work possible. It is what I live for, giving people something that reminds them of how alive they are and how great any certain day can be.

Please take some time to explore the site, we hope you enjoy what is here and please feel free to inquire about anything you wish. Without all of you there would be no us and we thank you for that.