Our Wedding Philosophy


Thank you for choosing to explore TMR Imagery to capture your special day.  We are honored and excited to have the potential to be apart of it. We like to fancy ourselves as "the client photographer" and what that means is you don't have to deal with ego driven individuals who are going to tell you how the shoot goes.  Sure, we will provide technical direction and the know how to capture what are "necessary photos", but other than that we welcome suggestions, requests and anything else that you may send our way to help us give you what you want.  We do not take offense to being shown other photos you like and we certainly do not have an issue with you asking if we can take them.  It is our goal to ensure your wedding day is never to be forgotten.  Long after the stories and anniversaries there are the pictures, and we take great pride in taking ones that put you right back in the middle of such an amazing event.